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  • Katy Perry swings on a vine in her new video for her song 'Roar.'

    Katy Perry swings on a vine in her new video for her song ‘Roar.’

    Katy Perry unleashes a roar–literally–in the new video for her song “Roar.” It’s a big production number that features Katy as the victim of a plane crash in the jungle. She’s soon left to fend on her own after a tiger takes out her chauvinist colleague.

    But as the power pop song duly notes, Katy soon learns how to roar and turns her predicament into a tropical paradise.

    “Roar” is the lead single for her upcoming fourth studio album, Prism. She sang it on a stage under the Brooklyn Bridge to close out the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

    The jungle-themed video opens with a comic book illustration that quickly turns real with Katy and her boyfriend climbing out of the smoking wreckage of an airplane that crash lands on a remote island. No word on the pilot or co-pilot.

    In a behind-the-scenes preview of the clip, Katy said the animals she worked with were “very well behaved.” She grew particularly fond of a monkey named Ripley that seems to sub for her boyfriend, who is unceremoniously eaten by a tiger.

    “Unfortunately I was in a bit of a plane crash, and my boyfriend got eaten by the tiger, who I’ll have to face off with at the very end of the music video,” she explains. Of course, by then she is morphed into the Queen of Jungle and there’s quite a different outcome.

    “It’s kind of like ‘Survivor;’ it’s a little bit like ‘Lost,'” she says. “And, it’s a lot of fun.”

    The video debuted today (Sept. 5) Check it out below. If you’re a Katy Perry fan retweet it to your friends, then follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest Katy Perry updates.