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  • Demi Lovato turns a brighter shade of blue in her new video for song 'Neon Lights.'

    Demi Lovato turns a brighter shade of blue in her new video for song ‘Neon Lights.’

    Demi Lovato does a pretty good impression of Blue Man Group in the video for her new song “Neon Lights.” Or is she a smurf? That could more be the ticket. Demi sings fiercely with blue hair and skin and shocking pink lipstick.

    But the 21-year-old singer is all glamour as the video, released today (Nov. 21), opens.

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    Scenes show her luxuriating in a still pool of water without clothes, but artfully screened by lighting and camera angles. The image is colored in an indigo-violet hue.

    The tempo picks up with a steady dance beat, and Demi segues to a club-like setting bathed in neon light (get it?), writhing to the music. Then, Blue Demi appears along with dancers.

    Warning! Product placements pop up less than a minute into the video.

    Demi Lovato Waves Flag in New ‘Made in the USA’ Video (watch!)

    Demi flashes a watch and a cell phone, both by Samsung, according to the very obvious labeling on the phone. Sheesh! The phone gets another cameo about 10 seconds later.

    Is this a commercial or a music video? It’s getting harder to tell them apart these days. Shame on Demi. On the other hand, high-production-value videos like this one don’t pay for themselves.

    Demi goes through all the motions, hitting the stage with dancers, a half-a-dozen costume changes, morphing into her Blue Man character and arching her back oh-so-seductively while being showered with water.

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    She’s nothing if not energetic as the club scenes heat up and she starts dancing like a dervish. And wooo! Is she flexible!

    The song is the third off Demi her self-titled fourth studio album released in May. She released lead single “Heart Attack” in February and “Made in the USA” in July.

    She’ll kick off her “Neon Lights Tour” spanning 27 dates in North America and Canada on Feb. 9 in Vancouver.

    Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter to get the real dope on the latest music news, not fawning fanzine coverage.