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  • Christina Aguilera sings Say Something with A Great Big World in new video.

    Christina Aguilera sings Say Something with A Great Big World in new video.

    Christina Aguilera showcases her crystalline voice with A Great Big World in a moving video for “Say Something,” a heart-wrenching song about love and loss. The video is as sparse and moving as the song.

    A Great Big World, comprised of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, recorded the song and it became the second single on their debut studio album, Is There Anybody Out There?, released earlier this year.

    Aguilera heard it, fell in love with it and convinced Axel an Vaccarino to re-record it with her contributing vocals. They performed it on “The Voice” three weeks ago (Nov. 5).

    With her marquee name and soulful vocals, the song is soared up the iTunes chart.

    The video holds true to the song’s moving and very personal theme. It’s about a someone imploring their lover to say something that will cause them to stave their departure. It’s also about loss and loneliness acted out in three different scenes.

    In one, central to the song, a man and a woman are lying in a bed; neither can find the words that will keep them together. In another a little girl must face the loneliness she feels and in a third an elderly husband says the last goodbye to his dying wife.

    All of the scenes are played out on an empty stage. Aguilera, Axel and Vaccarino perform standing around an old piano. The three scenes are like minimalist theater.

    Aguilera, incidentally, looks stunning in a simple black dress, her platinum blonde hair pulled back tightly against her head. She’s had her ups and downs since she divorced husband of five years Jordan Bratman a few years ago.

    She struggled with a comeback until she found her footing as a judge on “The Voice.” This song puts her back at the top of her game. Her voice is one of the most powerful in pop music.

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