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  • Gwen Stefani is a walking electric koolaid acid test in her new 'Baby Don't Lie' video. (Photo ScreenCap).

    Gwen Stefani is a walking electric koolaid acid test in her new ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ video. (Photo ScreenCap).

    Gwen Stefani, a glorious judge on “The Voice,” is leveraging her visibility on the show into what looks like another solo album, marked by the release of of a new video for her first song “Baby Don’t Lie.”

    Stefani, 45, will be replaced on the show when singer Christina Aguilera returns for the next season.

    Although Stefani is slated to return as a guest mentor, she apparently figured it was time to make hay while the spotlight was shining on her. The song is reportedly kicking off her first solo album in eight years.

    Her last solo effort was titled The Sweet Escape. It was released in 2006.

    If the No Doubt singer thought she was over the hill, her charismatic appearance on the music reality television show hopefully convinced her otherwise. She’s been fluid and funny on the show and brings obvious chemistry to the set.

    The video is sort of a psychedelic take-off on the “Wizard of Oz,” and finds Stefani on a yellow-brick road.

    In another parallel to the movie, Gwen opens the video in black and white until she is splashed with color by a tornado of letters and numbers.

    Stefani and Benny Blanco wrote the song with Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella.

    Sophie Muller, who is known for her work with Stefani on other No Doubt and solo videos, directed the shoot, which has a ’60s vibe.

    Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

    Product Placement Alert! About a third of the way through the video Gwen prominently and inexplicably flashes the new iPhone. And, yes, Puma sneakers also get a close up. Sheesh! Like we said, she’s gotta make it while she can.