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  • Critics once told Jennifer Lopez she’d never make it as a singer or dancer. They were right. She’s not the best singer, or dancer. But she is the total package. Here’s how she put it all together to become a star.

    The “On the Floor” entertainer posted a motivational video on social media, revealing how she beat the odds to become, not only a singer and dancer, but actress as well.

    Jennifer Lopez proves age is just a number in USWeekly. She's one of the magazine's hot bodies. Can it get much better? (Photo: USWeekly)

    Jennifer Lopez proves age is just a number. She tells how she put it all together to become one an award winning singer, dancer and film actress. (Photo: USWeekly)

    “Nobody knows what you can do but you. Nobody can tell you,” she says.

    “If I tell you all the people that told me I wasn’t going to act, sing or dance, or I wasn’t good at it or I should stop or I should quit – or even after I became famous for doing these things – I would be locked in a house somewhere doing nothing,” she adds.

    She elaborates in the video:

    “The truth is nobody knows what’s inside you. Only you know what you can accomplish and what you’re capable of, and what your gut and your dreams and your desires and your wants and your ability [is], you only know. Nobody else knows. All of it is a mindset. All of it is about being consistent and doing the right things. Honestly, we all have the capacity. We all have it in us. The ability to do whatever it is we want to do and just work hard. You can make anything happen.”

    Lopez, 48, also had more than just desire; she had an incredible work ethic.

    When she first gained recognition in 1991 as a “Fly Girl” dancer on the hit television show “In Living Color,” she was already one of the hardest working women in show business.

    Two years later, she landed her first leading film role. The 1997 biopic about Mexican Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

    She became the first Latin actress to earn more than $1 million per film and went on to star in Anaconda (1997) and crime comedy “Out of Sight” (1998).

    Her debut studio album On the 6, in 1999, included two Top 10 singles.

    Her 2003 rom-com “Gigli,” co-starring then-fiance Ben Affleck, failed miserably, and she began a two-year hiatus.

    Many had written her off, when she launched a comeback at age-40, and defied the odds again. From there, she’s never looked back.

    Lopez, who has nine-year-old twins Emme and Maximilian with former partner Marc Anthony, is now dating former Yankee great Alex Rodriguez.

    Now, at 48, she’s turned to producing to create more roles for women.

    “At this point, you have to create your own opportunities and I think that’s why I got so much more into producing and taking into our own hands as an artist,” she says

    “I think it’s the second phase of your career – you kind of make a name for yourself and show everybody what you do and where your talents lay, and then you have to take it into your own hands and be the artist that you want to be.”

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