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  • Mariah Carey With You Video

    Mariah Carey luxuriates in a sexy boudoir scene from her new ‘With You’ video. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Mariah Carey goes Hollywood Boulevard in a new video for her sultry ballad, “With You,” before lapsing into full-on diva at the luxurious Fuchs Mansion in Pacific Palisades. The black-and-white clip exudes the LA film noir feel of a ’50s-era movie.

    Mariah lets you take her as you like in a fur coat, sunglasses and sassy, curve-hugging outfits, or in a loosely draped bath robe in a sexy boudoir scene.

    She’s also videoed in a vintage car that adds to the film-noir feel.

    Carey actually got behind the wheel and drove the car. Her waltz down Hollywood Boulevard was shot in real time and saw police called in to control the crowd, according to E! News. .

    Sarah McColgan directed the video, which included sexy overhead shots. It almost looked like Carey was about to touch herself. Her ample cleavage co-starred.

    Carey performed “With You” at the 2018 American Music Awards Tuesday night, which coincided with the video’s release. The song was released Oct. 5.

    Carey once possessed a five-octave vocal range and has hit notes as high as the seventh-octave, according to her bio.

    She avoids the high-notes that characterized so many of her songs early in her career. There has been some speculation, she can’t hit them anymore.

    “With You” marks the album’s first official single, of her upcoming 15th album.

    Check out her video. Click below.