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  • Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow have a thing going on, and they showed their chemistry on last night’s “Saturday Night Live.” Then again, almost anybody would connect with the infectious Gwyneth.

    The “Fu*k You” singer played off Gwyneth in three different sketches, the funniest of which was a rap against the Federal Communications Commission’s standards for speech over the airwaves.

    Paltrow also took a sly dig at the Country Music Awards, where some artists were upset that she performed because she wasn’t part of the country music club.

    During the opening, she feigned ignorance of country music by being unable to remember Dolly Parton’s name. Instead, she was the “lady with the hair and the big boobs.”

    Jason Sudeikis sauntered onto the stage as country legend Kenny Rogers and started singing his famous duet with Parton, “Islands in the Stream.”

    Paltrow didn’t know the lyrics, but was rescued by Cee Lo who joined them on stage and knew every word.

    Paltrow did a great impression of Taylor Swift during a bar mitzvah sketch, singing her “You Belong With Me” with a few choice changes in lyrics to reflect the Jewish moment.

    In the FCC skit, Paltrow played a record executive who is trying to meet government concerns about profanity in Ce Lo’s “Fu*k You” song. She F-bombs like crazy, except the word is “forget,” as in “Are you forgetting kidding me?”

    Check out the skit below.

    Gywneth Paltrow’s opening: