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  • Justin Bieber, Usher and Jaden Smith added to the Grammy spectacle with an over the top performance of Justin’s new song “Never Say Never,” which is also the title of his new movie.

    The performance opened with eight ninja drummers parading down the aisles and stopping on stairs at the foot of the stage. Justin emerged on stage in a flash of light and flames.

    He was wearing a black leather jacket, black tee-shirt and black jeans.

    After the first verse, Jaden popped up on stage to rap. About five minutes into the seven minute performance Usher appears, and the audience goes wild.

    Justin gave an over-the-top performance that demonstrated how much he has matured as a singer and dancer, but he was aced out of any Grammy awards, including best new artist.

    That award went to jazz artist Esperanza Spalding, 26. She was the first jazz artist to win in 35 years.

    Still, Justin gave an award winning performance. Check out the video; click to go.