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  • Victoria Justice has a remedy for a boyfriend who dumps her, not that the sensationally beautiful starlet will ever have to resort to such things. But it’s hot to watch her sing about it, anyway.

    Justice has released her latest video for her song “Beggin’ on Your Knees.”

    The Nickelodeon teen star gets revenge on a two-timing boyfriend in the upcoming “iParty with Victorious,” so the song is a fitting complement to the show.

    The 18-year-old actress taps Victorious castmates Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Leon Thomas, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet to play roles in the video.

    The video credits the cast for the song, with Victoria as featured singer.

    The track is an energetic dance-driven pop tune and Victoria shows in the video she can dance as well as sing.

    The video opens with her on the beach and on a pier at a seaside carnival.

    The scene is upbeat with carnival rides, games and lots of flirty flashbacks until she sees her guy with another girl.

    Victoria clues in the other girl to the guy’s two-faced behavior and the suitably double team the pathetic dolt.

    Victoria will be headlining the Kids’ Choice Awards pre-show on April 2, and will perform her new song.

    Meanwhile, check out the video below:

    “Beggin’ On Your Knees” music video performed by the cast of Victorious featuring Victoria Justice. from NickPress on Vimeo.