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  • Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated “Judas” video premiered officially today (May 5) on the singer’s YouTube channel. The song, with heavy Biblical overtones that have outraged Catholics, portray’s Christ’s disciples as motorcycle gang members.

    The video was supposed to debut on “American Idol” this week, while another “uncut” version was slated to debut on “E! News” later tonight. Gaga will talk about the video on E!

    The seven-minute video, co-directed by Gaga and her longtime creative director Laurieann Gibson, is is filled with religious imagery.

    Gaga plays Mary Magdalene, the harlot Jesus saved from an angry mob, and actor Norman Reedus plays Judas, a member of the motorcycle gang.

    “The video, in essence, suggests that forgiveness and betrayal are hand in hand,” Gaga said recently.

    “The video puts destiny above all things and postures that the mistakes in your life are in fact not mistakes at all, they are just part of your overarching potential and your destiny,” she said.

    She has variously described the clip “as a motorcycle Fellini movie.”

    The video opens with the motorcycle gang, that is apostles, roaring down a highway.

    The bikers each have a name of an apostle on the back of their jacket with a skull and crossbones.

    Mary Magdalene, riding on the back of a cycle, leads them into modern-day Jerusalem where they meet Jesus.

    The video leaked online before its official release, but was quickly removed only to reappear this afternoon.

    Gaga paint slathers Judas’ lips with a lipstick-gun before he gives Jesus two pecks on the cheek.

    As much hype as the video has received, the song has had a so-so run on the pop charts so far.

    Check it out below; click to go: