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  • Katy Perry goes back to the future as a full-on nerd in 1980s video spoof promoting her upcoming single ” Last Friday Night (TGIF).” It features a wild party where Katy flashes a la Janet Jackson.

    Perry plays her alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry, a wanna-be-with-it kind of school girl who gets in a little over her head at a school disco party.

    The song is the fifth single off of Katy’s third album Teenage Dream.

    The party gets way out of control after someone spikes the punch, and Kathy Beth ends up barfing into a roller skate shoe.

    Perry tweeted that “Last Friday Night is a total vapid, slut jam.”

    She hypes up the nerd in her with a massive brace to align he teeth, glasses and lots of pink clothes. Wait doesn’t she wear a lot of pink in real life? Whatever.

    In any event, Kathy Beth has taken on a life of her own. Perry has set up a Facebook page for her and she’s already got
    95,000 friends. Not bad for a nerd.l

    Her interests, by the way, include science fairs, Sudoku puzzles and Mmmm Bop stars Hanson.

    “Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce as @kathybethterry is to me. Yes my alter ego has been borned. #followher,” Katy tweeted.

    Katy even enlisted YouTube sensation Rebecca Black to guest star in the promo. Rebecca’s YouTube hit “Friday has reveived 160 million hits.

    Katy is still on her California Dreams world tour. The video premieres on 14 June.