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  • Leona Lewis, the UK phemon who won “X-Factor,” the UK equivalent of “American Idol” is showing off her slim new figure in her latest video for the song, “Collide.”

    While Lewis is big in Britain, she has yet to reach superstar status in the United States. She hopes to break through with her latest track

    Lewis said she is counting on Collide, scheduled for release Sept. 4th, to win over an American audience. She calls it her most personal yet.

    “I’m excited for people to see a different side to my music. It’s reminiscent of a summer romance, meeting someone and feeling an instant chemistry,” she explained in a recent interview.

    “The past two years, I have had a lot of situations thrown at me. It has made me realize that I am much stronger than I thought I was,” she said.

    In the video, she little to the imagination with an American Beach girl look in a polka dot bikini top and brown trousers.

    She wears her hair in long brown waves and rocks out in a convertible in Malibu.

    She switches to a zig-zag top and beige maxi skirt while she sings, with the waves crashing in.

    “Collide is a summer song that has a really good vibe. I love the energy and happiness I feel when I listen to it.

    “On my previous album, [2009’s] Echo, and also on tour, I was experimenting with more high-energy sounds, so it’s a progression from that,” she said.

    Echo topped the UK charts but never made it into the Top Ten on U.S. charts. It peaked at 13.

    Leona is set to perform on both the US and UK versions of The X Factor, the only star to have secured such a deal, according to London’s Daily Mirror.

    Simon Cowell, who produces X-Factor, has been one of her biggest supporters.

    Check out the video below.