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  • Danielle Dease, a 14-year-old from South Carolina, has made all the right moves in a bid to follow in teen idol Justin Bieber’s footsteps. She has a record deal, a fan base and most of all a sweet pop voice.

    Hailing from Rock Hill, SC, Dease has just released an EP (Secret Admirer via Optimist Records), obtained domestic and international distribution, received radio play.

    Needless to say, her musical training began at a very young age when she joined her school choir and praise team at Church.

    It wasn’t long before her vocal ability caught the ear of music engineer John Wynne and producer Dan Guerrie.

    Working with some of the best song-writers in the country–Vincent Constantino, Jon D. Agostino, Tony Lavorgna and Athea Marie–Danielle recorded her debut CD Secret Admirer at Reflection Studio in Charlotte, NC.

    We caught up with the effervescent teenager in rehearsals with her band:

    IM: From everything we’ve heard, you’re just loving every minute of this.

    DEASE: Absolutely, this has been such an amazing journey. I’m am so thankful.

    IM: Tell us about your project.

    DEASE:Through a series of unplanned events, we met John Wynne, who has so much experience working with artists in the beginning of their careers and began to see if this could even work. I knew the odds were against it, but he was able to bring it all off.

    He brought in producer Dan Guerrie who totally got me and what we were trying to do. John brought in FYE to distribute it in their stores and lay the groundwork for the dates we’re doing now on the East Coast. He also brought in David Salidor, to handle the media, who’s worked with Debbie Gibson and Madonna, and his input has been great.

    IM:The fact that you’ve gotten a band together is great. In addition to the EP’s songs, what else are you performing?

    DEASE: This part is really exciting, we’re doing “I Love Rock ‘n Roll,” “I Wanna’ Rock n Roll All Night,” “See You Again,” “Stay,” “Rolling In The Deep,” “Goodbye.” I’m a big fan of Adele’s.

    IM: How was it actually recording the album?

    DEASE: We did it at Reflection Studios in Charlotte and it was really great, an eye-opening experience for sure. As I said, John’s background working with new talent was a really key point. I put everything I had into this, but he was able to give it the once over, which made it even better.

    IM: What’s on your Ipod right now?

    DEASE:Katy Perry, Hilson, Lil Wayne and Adele, of course.

    IM: You played at the Colgate Country Showdown, the Come See Me Festival, and the Wipporwill Music Festival. How were they?

    DEASE: They were fun. It’s always amazing getting opportunities to perform and do something I love.

    IM: Is 14-years old really too young for this business?

    DEASE: No, not at all. All things are possible with God, I have a great team and a lot passion for this journey, so I don’t think 14 is too young at all.

    IM:I also hear you’re bound for New York soon, right?

    DEASE: I hope so, that would be wonderful and this all has been such a life changing experience.