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  • Demi Lovato somehow got her signals crossed with her boyfriend and now she wants to let him know she wants him back in her new video for song “Give Your Heart a Break.”

    The song is the second single off her album Unbroken, which was released last September. The album peaked at No. 4 on the pop charts

    In the video, she leaves a message, make that a big message, on a wall across the street from Mr. Boyfriend’s apartment. But is she stalking him? Sorta seems like it.

    But, hey, that’s not what Demi was out to do. “I’m basically trying to convince a guy that I didn’t break his heart, and we get into a fight and I try to win him over again,” she told MTV about the story line. “So I do something special for him at the end of the song.”

    For most of the video, Demi reflects on all of the good time she had with her boyfriend. She goes through a pile of photographs, which seems a little improbable given that most kids keep their photos electronically these days.

    Still, the kicker comes in the ending. Check out the video to see what she does.