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  • Rihanna looks bored out of her mind in Tokyo. She posted some cool photos of herself, but personally looked glum. Could she really still be obsessing about Chris Brown?

    The singer, 24, tweeted a picture from the room with a million-dollar view high above the surrounding city. She’s in the Japanese capital for the premiere of her movie “Battleship.”

    Rihanna co-stars with Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch.

    Rihanna was dressed down, but still fashionable in a Rodarte sweater and a grey cotton maxi skirt with white Chuck Taylors.

    Check out Rihanna’s photos; click to enlarge.

    But she looked up through the bangs of her blonde hair with a major pout.

    Some tabloid Web sites have been trying to play up a supposed Twitter feud between Rihanna and Brown’s girlfriend, Vietnamese model Karrueche Tran. It’s hard to tell from the Tweets alone whether there is any truth to the claims.

    Rihanna tweeted on Wednesday (Mar. 28) on Wednesday: “Where have you been all my life?!” along with a topless pose with her private parts covered.

    That could have been a kicker to a Tweet last week of a photo of a packet of rice cakes dressed in hoop earrings and shades.

    “Ima make you my b****.” Rihanna tweeted in what seemed to be a pretty direct shot at Tran.

    Tran reportedly retaliated on Facebook. “I win you loose!!! *nicki voice* I mean I got him, you got pictures of him.” Later, however, Tran tweeted that she doesn’t even have a Facebook page, so WTF?

    Then, Rihanna tweeted a line from Lil’ Kim: “I’m a leader, yall on some followin s***, comin in dis game on some modeling s***!”

    Brown was the last person to Tweet: “Eventually people grow up and get wiser to the bullshit!” he wrote.

    For once he had a point, if he means what he seems to mean. Rihanna is spending way too much time alone in hotel rooms. She has way too much positive stuff going on in her life to play this game.