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  • Justin Bieber’s definition of a more adult look and sound is a teenage boy’s vision of fast cars, lots of scantily clad girls and money to burn.

    Bieber has promoting the video for “Boyfriend” to the max. It’s the first song off his new album Believe. But more importantly, he said it marks a departure from his teen roots to a more grownup look and sound.

    Bieber lives in a pimp’s dream world in the video. There’s really not much substance or story. He sings about being someone’s boyfriend while a cavalcade of women flash on screen. Presumably, he has his choice.

    Of course, it’s just your everyday urban street scene with $40,000 and $50,000 vintage muscle cars in a parking lot. Young, hip girls crawl all over them and surround the Biebs, dancing seductively.

    At a time when teen and young adult unemployment is near 20 percent, the video is a nice piece of escapism, but not much else. At least we know what direction his career is heading.

    Believe drops June 19. The album will feature collaborations with his mentor Usher, Drake, Kanye West and country star Taylor Swift.

    Check it out below.