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  • Singer Pink hasn’t made a record in four years, but she’s up on the latest pop star trends. She announced her sixth studio album in a revealing see-through top that exposed her breasts.

    Her modesty was only protected by some strategically placed tape in two big crosses over her nipples. She also wore a white tuxedo jacket with skinny black lapels.

    In one fell swoop she showcased her grasp of social media and the sexually charged, anything-goes attitude she plans to take with her new album, The Truth About Love.

    In the 33-second video, she looked dazzling with her trademark spiked hair and her fit, on-display body. Only problem she was at a loss for words.

    “I want to talk to you about something really important,” she said in a sexy, deadpan serious whisper and fluttering of her eyes. But she couldn’t maintain the attitude very long.

    “What am I supposed to say?” she said plaintively. “Hey, guess what?!”

    It was all giggles and belly laughs from there as she tried out various approaches to the same line. Finally, she got down to business.

    “My new album is coming out on I believe September 18 and it’s called The Truth About Love,” she says.

    Pink, 32, announced in Nov. 2010 that she and husband Gary Hart were expecting their first child. Daughter, Willow Sage Hart, was born on June 2, 2011. Now that Willow is one year old, Pink, aka Alecia Beth Moore, is ready to get back to work.

    Her last studio album Funhouse was released in 2008 an yielded four Top 20 singles, including No. 1 hit “So What.” She also dropped a greatest hits album in 2010.

    Pink hit the studio in March after going through a shakeup at RCA Records. It spelled an end to Jive Records, Arista Records and J Records.

    Her first single off the album, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” was released on Pink’s Web site on Monday (July 2), and hit iTunes the following day.

    Check out her antics filled video below.