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  • Nothing is humble about the Olympic-themed video for “Survival,” the official song of the 2012 games. British rock band Muse delivers in-your-face lyrics and a pulsating beat.

    “I am gonna win, Yes, I am gonna win,” lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy sings. What ever happened to how you play the game?

    The games will begin in London on July 7 and continue through Aug. 12. Get used to the song. It will be played at the start of the games each day as athletes enter the stadium and during medal ceremonies.

    Bellamy said the song is about “conviction and determination.”

    The video opens in reverse. It rewinds through previous Olympics going back to the 19th century, including controversial games in 1968, which saw a black power protest, and 1936, when Hitler’s Germany hosted the games. But it doesn’t touch on controversial moments, although it shows a rewind of America’s Jesse Owens racing.

    The scene cuts to a study of athlete’s faces reflecting the determination that Bellamy talked about. There are also some cool graphics of athletes in action. And, it also shows the agony of defeat.

    Check it out below.