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  • Miley Cyrus is showing growing maturity in her singing style with the release of another standard, “Look What They’ve Done With My Song, Ma.” It’s part of her “Backyard Sessions,” recorded over the summer, “BH,” i.e. before haircut.

    Cyrus, 19, sings backed by an acoustic band. The music is stripped down and she sails on the power of her voice and her emotional delivery.

    Miley recorded the songs during the early summer with Stacy Jones on drums, Mike Schmid on piano, Jamie Arentzen on guitar, Jaco Curaco on Guitar and Vashon Johnson on Bass. Paul Hager engineered the sound.

    The Melanie Safka, written in the 1960s, has been widely covered by artists such as Ray Charles, Nina Simone and Billie Jo Spears.

    Miley reaches back to her country roots for the performance and shows that her real strength may be in folk/rock. It’s also a departure from her foray into hard rock with her 2010 album “Can’t Be Tamed.”

    Miley last toured South America and other parts of the world in support of “Can’t Be Tamed,” but shelved a U.S. tour after deciding the support wasn’t there. She’s now working on a new album “my favorite thing I’ve done, probably ever,” she says.

    Stylistically, it remains to be seen what direction she’ll take. Check out the song below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Miley Cyrus updates.