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  • miley-cyrus-LastMiley Cyrus is ramping up the promotion for her new movie, “The Last Song’ with the release of a new music video, in which she duets … with herself!

    The film will hit theaters, March 31, and marks another step in Miley’s evolution to adult roles. She is 17 now, y’all.

    Miley’s costar and rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth also makes an appearance. The video features the song “When I Look at You” and highlights some scenes from the movie.

    While the film is a step up for Cyrus, it has a familiar theme. She plays a rebellious teen who is exiled to a beach town somewhere in the South to stay with her estranged father. (Fortunately, not played by real dad Billy Ray)

    Their mutual love of music, and a romantic hook up with Hemsworth’s character slowly causes Miley to see things in a new light and she eventually reconnects with her dad.

    The plot is similar to “Hannah Montana, The Movie” and obviously pitched at her tween audience, which is growing older along with her.

    In that film, Miley gets shipped back to the family farm in Tennessee to learn about real life.

    This time, though, the beach setting gives Miley some bikini and wet tee-shirt time on the big screen.

    Next year, the teen tart turns 18; can a nude movie role be far behind?