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  • Shakira NadalSexy Latin singer Shakira sets Rafael Nadal’s (tennis) balls on fire in a new video for her single “Gypsy.” As the steamy scene unfolds, the Grand Slam tennis star looks like he’s just fired off a few aces.

    The couple embraces passionately as they lay curled up on some hot rocks, nuzzling each other. That’s supposedly as far as it goes, however.

    Both Shakira and Nadal have intimate others and have already denied romantic inclinations.

    The Colombian singer, 33, never leaves much to the imagination when she’s performing. After all, her last album was titled She Wolf.

    At one point, the only thing that separates her from Nadal, who is ten years her junior, is a strategically placed scarf.

    Sorry ladies, Nadal is never wears anything less than jeans and a tee-shirt.

    The song is due out in April and the duo shot the video in the romantic Spanish city of Barcelona last month.

    For the record, Shakira is engaged to Antonio de la Rúa, the son of former President of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa.

    Nadal is dating his high school sweetheart Maria Francisca Perello.

    Leave it to The New York Post, however, to stir up rumors. It reported that the two were spotted dining at the W Hotel in Barcelona and were all smiles and whispers.

    But the report sent Nadal’s rep into a rage. Benito Perez-Barbadillo said Nadal’s manager Carlos Costa, and video director Jaume de Laiguana were also at the restaurant.

    “Shakira only came when we’d finished the main course to have something to drink, accompanied by her manager, Ceci Kurzman, and Jaume,” he told the newspaper.

    “It was a dinner organized with the director to brief Rafa on what was expected from him in the video,” he said.

    They take infidelity veerrry seriously in Latin countries.