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  • Kelly Clarkson has released the second single, “Don’t Rush” off her new album and caused some very raised eyebrows over the cover art. She looks pounds lighter and years younger in the heavily altered image.

    Clarkson is gearing up to release Greatest Hits – Chapter 1 next month and is in the middle of a promotional campaign for the new album.

    Click here or photo to see the full single cover. 

    The cover art causing some controversy because Clarkson has been dealing with criticism over her weight. The singer has adamantly insisted she has no problems with her size. Yet, the new single cover makes an obvious attempt to gloss over her looks.

    In the photo, Kelly’s face is noticeably thinner and her jawline is tauter than unretouched photos. Her skin is also milky white and wrinkle free. It looks like the skin of a 13-year-old. In contrast, recent photos show Kelly with puffy cheeks and a noticeable double chin.

    The cover is overshadowing her latest song, which features Vince Gill. It’s the second track off the album. She released her first single “Catch My Breath.” She dedicated the song to her fans, who have stuck by her since she won “American Idol.”

    Check out the video below, the new cover art above and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Kelly Clarkson updates.