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  • CheyenneJackson-frontCheyenne Jackson, the openly gay actor and singer who has appeared on such shows as Fox’s hit “Glee” and NBC’s “30 Rock,” has stepped back into the musical arena with a new video for his latest song, “Don’t Wanna Know.”

    The video opens with the 37-year-old in bed, rolling over and finding that his lover is gone.

    The scene cuts to a nightstand photo of him embracing a man. In real life, Jackson’s partner is Monte Lapka, a physicist. They have been in a relationship since 2000 and took advantage of New York State’s new gay marriage law to marry in September a year ago.

    Ironically, he is the son of evangelical, born-again Christians. His brother is a pastor who has preached for the religiously conservative “700 Club,” which considers homosexuality an abomination. But Cheyenne says his family has accepted his sexuality. He came out at 19.

    The song starts off as a gentle ballad and then breaks into an upbeat dance/pop tune. He co-wrote it with Stevie Aiello. Nick Everhart directed the video. The single is off his new album, Drive. It’s expected to be released in April.

    Jackson posed shirtless for the July issue of UK magazine Attitude, and talked about being openly gay in Hollywood.

    “The more it happens, the easier it is for others, although I do understand why some actors choose not to come out. I have several famous friends who are still in the closet,” he revealed.

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