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  • Lanadelrey-Obsession-coverLana Del Rey continues to enthrall Europe with her retro-American style. In France, they can’t get enough of what she calls her Old-California look. She burns with sexuality in a new photo spread.

    She appears on the cover of Obsession the fashion supplement to Paris newspaper Le Nouvel Obserateur.

    She turns up the sensuality for photographers Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. The ’60s retro-chic look, which has become her trademark, is captured by stylist Elizabeth Stewart, with hair by Pamela Cochrane and makeup by Anna Cofone.

    Lana Del Rey Smoldering Sensuality Ignites

    Del Rey talks about her upbringing in the small upstate New York town of Lake Placid, made famous for hosting the winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980. A car trip to Florida when she was young introduced her to a wider world, she says.

    Indeed, she’s an international star now. But oddly while she’s adored overseas, especially in Europe, she remains an enigma to most of America and less than a favorite of music critics, despite her unique, smoldering singing style.

    On the car trip back from her photo shoot, she talks about her admiration for French singer Edith Piaf and sings the chorus to her song in French…”No, nothing at all. No, I regret nothing … ” as the music pours from the car stereo.

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