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  • Kelly Clarkson's new video is one of the few for her with a story line.

    Kelly Clarkson’s new video is one of the few for her with a story line.

    Kelly Clarkson plays a demur scientist in a new video for her song “People Like Us.“ That is, until she hits the chorus. Then, she starts fist pumping like she’s ready to knock someone out in the rousing anthem.

    “People Like Us” is one of three fresh singles that were added to her Greatest Hits – Chapter One compilation album, and it’s the last of the three to become a music video.

    The album was released last year, and “People Like Us” was dropped as a single last month (Apr. 8) by RCA Records. Meghan Kabir, James Michael and Blair Daly wrote the song, while Greg Kurstin handled production.

    Her previous new singles were “Catch My Breath” and “Don’t Rush.”

    The video for the rousing, power-pop dance tune was filmed last month at Mission Street Lab in South Pasadena, Calif. Chris Marrs Piliero directed.

    While most of her videos focus on her performing, this clip has a story line. A group of doctors, Clarkson seemingly one of them, are studying a young girl. They are photographed in black-and-white, suggesting adults live in a dull, two-dimensional world. The child, who looks withdrawn and mistrustful, is in full color.

    But Kelly comes to her rescue and whisks her away in a fancy BMW, which gets almost as much screen time as her. A chase ensues, but the race through a tunnel to safety. People materialize out of nowhere to rescue them.

    Check out the video below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music updates.

    Footnote: Kelly is one of the hardest working women in show business and maybe one of the greediest. She goes way overboard with product placements.