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  • Taylor Swift, posing for her debut album when she was 16.

    Taylor Swift, posing for her debut album when she was 16. (Photo by Andrew Orth)

    Taylor Swift moved to Nashville when she was 14 to become a singing star and took a series of sexy photos two years later to promote her first, self-titled album. Photographer Andrew Orth captured stunning sexuality, which was already evident in the country themed photos.

    Swift was so determined to have an music career she visited Nashville for the first time when she was 11, armed with covers of Dolly Parton and Dixie Chicks songs.

    She was rejected by every label she visited, on Nashville’s famed music row. She wrote her first song at 13 and finally landed an artist development deal with RCA Records. Her parents, who both worked in the financial industry, moved to Nashville when she was 14, so she could pursue her career full-time.

    Taylor Swift Sweet-16 Sexiness (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

    She left RCA Records after they tried to persuade her to sing songs by other writers and wait to put out an album of her own songs when she was 18. But Swift couldn’t wait. Songwriting has proved to be Swift’s forte.

    At the same time, Scott Borchetta was leaving DreamWorks Records to form his own label, Big Machine Records. He signed Swift to a deal. That allowed her to produce her first album, the self-titled Taylor Swift in 2006. She wrote three of the songs and co-wrote the others.

    Swift worked insanely hard to promote the album, touring radio and television stations to make personal appearances and struck a chord with young teen girls like herself. Her mix of girl-talk with a hard-edged country and pop sound, soared.

    Swift’s intensity is captured in her early photos; check them out and follow TheImproper on Twitter to keep up with the latest Taylor Swift news you can trust.