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  • Demi Lovato salutes the boys in her new video for 'Made in the USA.'

    Demi Lovato salutes the boys in her new video for ‘Made in the USA.’

    Demi Lovato enters the relationship video sweepstakes with a new clip for her song “Made in the USA.” The theme is generally the same as videos by Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, the queen of relationship songs.

    Demi uses the backdrop of a county fair to sing about getting back with a boyfriend, “because that’s the way we do it,” she sings.

    It includes a lot of hand-holding, rolling around on the ground and getting wet and wild in the rain. In fact, the song with its title, “Made in the USA” as part of the chorus, would make a great tune for a Chevy commercial.

    The carmaker used “Made in the USA” one of its advertising themes for a number of years. In fact, she even plugs Chevy in the opening verse, but apparently there’s no product placement deal because a car doesn’t miraculously appear.

    Our love runs deep like a Chevy
    If you fall I’ll fall with you baby
    Cause that’s the way we like to do it
    That’s the way we like

    The video strikes a patriotic chord as well. Demi says goodbye to her guy as he leaves ships out to fight in some foreign land. So add the U.S Army as a potential advertising client as well for recruiting.

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