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  • Miley Cyrus may not want to be a role model, but  scores of young fans –many pre-teens–showed up for her final concert in Perth, Australia, wearing high-heels and racy outfits just like her, much to the dismay of mental health experts.

    Some concert-goers contacted local news Webb site PerthNow saying they were shocked at “how young many fans were – given the raunchiness of the show – and how little clothes many of them were wearing.”

    The fans who dressed like Miley were “totally inappropriate,” according to Assoc. Professor Helen Street, a psychologist and college lecturer in Australia.

    “I personally think that (children) dressing in such a provocative and sexualized way is totally inappropriate,” Street told PerthNow. “Beyond that I think it is potentially dangerous, emotionally and socially.”

    Check out Miley’s photos; click to enlarge.

    “To dress up at home or experiment with mum’s make-up is one thing but to actually put on make-up and sexually revealing clothes to go out in is totally inappropriate.”

    Miley wore the same risque outfits throughout her Gypsy Heart Tour through Latin America and Australia and Saturday’s concert in Perth was no different.

    She was dressed in tiny leather hot pants and high boots with suspenders attached to her shorts.

    Her breasts overflowed a sparkling bejeweled bra that was barely covered by a white jacket.

    Cyrus gyrated on stage and grabbed her crotch numerous times as she belted out tunes.

    “Some parents should be ashamed of letting their daughters go out in what they were wearing last night… horrified would be one term used,” one reader told the Web site.

    Girls as young as six were out of their seats and rocking to a mash-up of Joan Jett classics, “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Cherry Bomb’ and “Bad Reputation.”

    Cyrus left her country roots behind and rocked out to tunes from ’90s grunge band Nirvana, ’80s band The Cure and ’70s supergroup Fleetwood Mac, according to a review.

    She tossed her jacket, and promised Perth fans the concert would be special because it was the tour’s finale.

    “Thank you guys so much, this is our last night on our Gypsy Heart Tour. We want this night to be extra loud,” she said.

    Miley as always did it her way. Check out her photos and video below.