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  • Rufus Wainwright, muse to the terminally hip, enlisted Helena Bonham Carter as a sexually frustrated librarian for the video for “Out of the Game,” the first single off his upcoming album by the same name.

    Wainwright, 38, plays three people in the clip; a debonair 10 o’clock scholar, a woman with mop-top hair and a stoned dude in a Sonic Youth tee-shirt.

    At some point all of the characters are mouthing the lyrics to the song, a melodic ballad about looking for something out of the mainstream.

    Carter’s character is crazed by boredom while sitting on a powder keg of sexual frustration. She walks the stacks bitch slapping patrons for un-library-like behavior, while she counts down the minutes until the end of her shift.

    When quitting time comes around, she ends up rolling around in bed with natty man, sonic youth and Ms. Mop-head.

    The music video was filmed in London in early March. Mark Ronson produced the album, which has been described as Wainwright’s most pop-influenced yet.

    In an interview with London’s Sun newspaper, Wainwright summed up the video: “It features the two of us being naughty in the library,” he said.

    Wainwright’s seventh studio album features his sister Martha Wainwright, Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett, drummer Andy Burrows, guitarist Nels Cline, members of the Dap-Kings, Sean Lennon, the alt-rock band Wilco, Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner.

    The album will be released in May in the United States. Buy the CD or download the album from amazon.com by clicking the link above.