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  • Whitney Houston’s duet with Jordin Sparks on the song “Celebrate” has been made into a video honoring the late singer. But it doesn’t show Whitney singing!

    The video was made posthumously (shot in May) so obviously shots of Whitney in the video, which are fleeting, are taken from the movie.

    But it seems odd that there is no footage of her singing the song; not even studio footage. The video would have been far more fitting if it contained some of those scenes, and some surely must have been recorded.

    It kind of makes it seem like someone who controls her image is withholding footage, maybe because the money wasn’t right? Who knows? Be that as it may, the video is still a nice tribute.

    The late singer recorded the track only weeks before her death in February on the eve of the Grammy awards. It appears on the soundtrack to the film “Sparkle,” also her last picture.

    It was written by R&B artist R. Kelly, but oddly Houston and Sparks never actually sang it together at the same time. Their parts were recorded separately and then mixed together.

    Sparks is featured and the video follows her hosting a party for her “Sparkle” co-stars. There’s a nice mix of scenes from the movie, including shots of Houston, who played the mother of three talented daughters who go on to become a major singing group.

    “We planned on it being Whitney and me, but she’s not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her,” Sparks told BET.

    The film is a remake of a 1976 by the same name, loosely based on Diana Ross and The Supremes. Houston was an executive producer on the remake.

    Filming had been completed prior to her death. It’s set for release Aug. 17 by TriStar Pictures. Sparks, an “American Idol” winner, will make her film debut. The picture is being dedicated to Houston’s memory.

    At the end of the video, Sparks is seen wearing a Whitney Houston tee-shirt. “We love you Whitney,” she says.

    You can buy or download through amazon.com the “Sparkle” soundtrack by clicking the link above. It includes with Whitney’s moving gospel song, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” from the film as well. The title will be released July 31.