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  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau draws guffaws telling a Trump joke at the Nato summit. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau draws guffaws telling a Trump joke at the Nato summit. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Donald Trump’s latest foray to a NATO summit provided more “must see” comedy on late night television after key world leaders joked about him during the summit.

    Honestly, comedy writers could never in a million years just make this stuff up. As it is, Trump has provided them with steady, hilarious material from the day he ran for office.

    One day, the president will be gone, and late night comedy may never be the same.

    The laugh fest began at the summit itself when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on video making jokes about Trump’s behavior.

    French president Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands, were his sniggering listeners.

    Trudeau lampooned Trump for being 40 minutes late to the meeting because he wasted 40 minutes pontificating before the news media, mostly about his pending impeachment.

    “You just watch his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” said Trudeau, motioning with his hand.

    The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah had the best line of the night.

    “They’re gossipy bitches just like the rest of us,” he chortled.

    Second place goes to James Corden.

    “And, this is what they’re saying in public,” Cordon said about the video. “Like, I would love to see what goes down in that group’s text chain.”

    Late night host Jimmy Kimmel easily won third place with this jibe. “How dare they laugh at our ridiculous president? That is our job!”

    Noah seconded that notion. “Mr. President, you shouldn’t be in a place where people are going to laugh at you behind your back. You get on Air Force One and you fly straight back home, where we promise that we will laugh at you to your face.”

    Even the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, who usually goes easy on the president, couldn’t resist.

    “He was like, ‘Take me back to where I’m respected,’ and then flew home to where he’s being impeached,” he said.

    In fact there were so many one-liners about Trump on late night television, you could have knitted a sweater–one of those big, oversized Christmas sweaters, to boot.

    To make matters worse, Trump threw a hissy fit.

    The next day, Trump called Trudeau “two-faced,” and jetted back to America a day early. And, get this, he canceled a news conference. You know, When that happened, you knew Trump was miffed at his NATO allies.

    Canada, of course is our neighbor to the north and closest ally.

    “Here’s how you know when you are really disliked: when you get a Canadian to talk smack about you,” Cordon noted.

    But British Prime Minister Johnson took the cake. He gets a double razz, because he’s supposed to be Trump’s “friend.” The president even endorsed his election campaign.

    The evening also shed a whole new light on NATO summits.

    “It turns out NATO is so catty, they should get Andy Cohen to host it,” Noah said, referring to the gossip show host.

    “Trump is like, ‘If you are going to trash somebody, do it like a man. You know, at 3 a.m. on Twitter,’” Cordon quipped

    The NATO summit was hilarious, but that wasn’t Trump’s only embarrassing moment.

    During a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, he was royally snubbed by Princess Anne. When the queen motioned her over to meet him and First Lady Melania, she shrugged her shoulders in an “as if” gesture– also caught on video.

    Trump’s impeachment foibles, of course, have been a continuing source of late night fodder.

    “Yes, the founders agreed the presidential punishment should be impeachment, after rejecting Ben Franklin’s original suggestion: a spanking machine of French whores,” Colbert weighed in.

    But the biggest joke of all may have been on Fox News. They’re talking heads had to scramble to somehow spin the whole episode to Trump’s advantage.

    The joke, it seems, is really on them. Check out the videos below.