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  • Are you as jazzed as I am about the fact that Adele went six-for-six at the Grammys? With all the fantastic Brit singers who have hit these shores in the last few years, we are going through a British invasion that rivals the 1960s.

    Back then, led by the Beatles, the UK produced a wave of top bands from the Rolling Stones to Chad & Jeremy, Peter and Gordon, The Animals, Manfred Mann, Petula Clark, Freddie and the Dreamers, Dusty Springfield and Herman’s Hermits, just to name a few.

    Now a similar invasion is underway, led mainly by female artists. It includes Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, Florence Welch, Duffy, the late Amy Winehouse and, yes, even Susan Boyle.

    Adele Adkins is unquestionably at the top of the heap. I thoroughly enjoyed her “60 Minutes” on CBS interview with Anderson Cooper right before the Grammy-blast. And, her performance of “Rolling in the Deep” at the show was totally riveting.

    No, she doesn’t jump and strut a lot onstage, and, you know what, she doesn’t have to. I well remember one of her very first live performances. It was at a special China Club show in New York City organized by Tom Cuddy and radio station WPLJ.

    Her first album 19 had just come out and her hit single was “Chasing Pavements.” I had the chance to meet her, literally, right before she went on, and she was hilarious, but suffering from a bit of stage fright.

    I have to confess, she was totally candid, totally uninhibited, and I loved that. Apparently now happily in love, and another single, “Rumour Has It,” out from her current album, there was an announcement that she is apparently going to take the next five years off. What?

    I hope not. After surviving throat surgery, she’s definitely one of the best talents out right now.

    I also loved Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” performance. Sure, it’s not, “Golden Slumbers” or, even “Hey Jude,” but, you’ve got to admire its simplicity and directness.

    Hey, Paul’s in love, so, why not share it? I also loved his performance at the end of the show, with his band, Joe Walsh and Bruce Springsteen–sensational.

    The Civil Wars, The Beach Boys and Glen Campbell, what a pro, all put in top performances. All in all, a pretty good show. Best rated show since their one in 1984! Go Adele!

    Elton John Eulogizes Whitney Houston at Caesar’s

    When Elton went onstage last weekend at his show at his residency at Caesar’s in Las Vegas, he had just heard about the passing of Whitney Houston. He dedicated his “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” to her memory after delivering one of the most eloquent eulogies I’ve ever heard. Beautifully delivered. Bravo Elton!

    Names in the News

    Jane Hanson, Roger Friedman, Micky Dolenz, Steve Walter, Freddy Cannon, Tom & Lisa Cuddy, Chris Boneau, Priscilla, Jacqueline Boyd-Dolenz, Rick Rubin, Curtis Urbina, Cory Robbins, Dayme, Raina, Glenn Friscia, Larry Yasgar, David Salidor.