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  • Nobody has ever accused singer Gwen Stefani of looking stiff, but that appeared to be the case until the real Gwen showed up as loosey-goosey as ever to meet her Madame Tussaud wax figure.

    The 40-year-old mother of two expressed mock surprise and shock to see herself as a life-like wax figure. But ultimately she warmed up to her alter ego. But not too warm.

    Gwen didn’t want to melt the $300,000 wax figure with her hot body. It took six months to make based on more than 250 measurements.

    It, the wax figure that is, will go on display at the Tussaud museum in Las Vegas.

    “We are very excited to have Gwen Stefani’s figure added to our attraction,” Tussaud General Manager Rosita Chapman said in a statement.

    “She’s consistently rated high on our request list, so we are very pleased to bring her figure to all her loyal fans.”

    Standing side by side, her wax model is slightly larger than life. Sculptors added extra inches to make the model two percent larger than the star is in real life.

    The size difference accounts for likely shrinkage in the dry Nevada desert climate, celebrity blogger Robin Leach, noted in the Las Vegas Weekly.

    Gwen, who is now into designing clothes, wore one of her short brightly colored dresses that matched her New York Fashion Week designs.

    The wax dummy is dressed in Stefani’s signature white belly shirt with a green fluorescent green bra, white pants and riding boots. Her hair is in a large curl.

    Check out Gwen’s reaction to her alter ego. Click photo to enlarge!