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  • Mariah Carey raised eyebrows when she appeared in a racy Christmas video with teen sensation Justin Bieber. But this spoof of the pop diva is causing even more waves on the Internet.

    The video, produced by online comedy variety show Hot Box, is a play on Carey’s Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

    The 41-year-old mother of twins sang a duet of the song on Bieber’s Christmas video and the song appears on his Christmas album “Under the Mistletoe.”

    The video cuts to a scene inside Macy’s New York store, showing Carey, looking hot following the loss of her baby weight in a skimpy Santa outfit. If she pulled her top down any lower it would be an XXXmas video.

    She leers salaciously at 17-year-old Bieber, who technically is young enough to be her son. It’s a little creepy to see the Biebs staring back, lasciviously at Carey’s hot bod.

    The video spoof involves a Mariah Carey look-a-like, also in a racy Santa suit, lip-syncing to her song, except now the title is “All I Want for Christmas is Jews.”

    Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

    I won’t wish for much this Christmas
    I don’t even wish for snow.
    Just want a Jew who runs show business
    Spielberg, Stiller, Ari Gold.

    So far the video has been viewed 2.8 million times on YouTube, but it’s not exactly winning fans. Those who liked the video only slightly outnumber those who dislike it.

    Thank comedians Julia Lillis, Claudia Maittlen-Harris and Melissa McQueen for this bit of Christmas cheer. Oh wait, you’ll never hear of them again; they’ll be blackballed in Hollywood.

    Check out the video, and let us know your thoughts below.