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  • Lady GaGa sings a bouncy tune called “Take You Out,” that was destined for her debut album, The Fame but never made it on the final track list. You can hear it now. It’s leaked onto the Internet. But not from her!

    Gaga began working on the dance-pop and synthpop album with producers, RedOne, Martin Kierszenbaum and Rob Fusari. Gaga obviously wanted the disc to be perfect and went through a lot of material.

    The album’s themes are love, sex, money, drugs and sexual identity, not to mention Gaga’s own quest for fame, so it’s not hard to figure why this song never made it on the album.

    Check out Lady Gaga’s song; click to start audio.

    It opens with a guitar riff that gives it almost an acoustic feel, without the heavy driving bass that marks her other tunes. It’s upbeat, uptempo and poppy, almost Katy Perry-esque.

    Gaga sings:

    “I still believe it,
    And you know we won’t be defeated
    In my heart I believe it
    Yeah, you and me are gonna win it, baby.
    I’m going take you out
    Take you out, Take you out
    We’re going to show this town
    What I know we’re about.”

    Gaga promised fans that she would release a previously unheard song from Born This Way, and she let it be known on Twitter this isn’t the tune she meant.

    “So funny ‘Take You Out’ a song I wrote in 2008 leaked. I wrote it for an artist to sing as the World Cup song! Maybe they’ll use it now!” she wrote.

    “The track that leaked yesterday (Dec. 24) is NOT the Born This Way B-Side I will release at midnight tonight NY time. Merry X-Mas! I love you!” she added.

    Still, give it a listen. It does kind of make your toe tap.