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  • Carly Rae Jepsen is getting called, maybe, on her denial that photos from an alleged sex tape are her. Will the religious Justin Bieber drop her over the indiscretion?

    Bieber, a fellow Canadian, discovered Jepsen and signed her to his label. He has been acting as her mentor and pushing her career. She has skyrocketed after her song, “Call Me Maybe” went viral.

    Jepsen has been promoting a squeaky clean image as a result, but a hacker has been trying to sell nude photos of the singer that he claims were lifted from her site.

    The photos are grainy and hard to decipher, but the woman in them bears a resemblance to the “Call Me Maybe” singer, who is a protege of Justin Bieber.

    The images surfaced earlier this week, and Jepsen, 26, was quick to issue a denial. “Crazy morning. Discovered someone put up a sex tape claiming to be me. Ridiculous. Obviously not me,” she Tweeted.

    But today, gossip site TMZ reported that it had been approached by a hacker trying to sell photos of the Canadian singer to various media outlets. Jepsen is reportedly desperate to prevent the leak out of fear it will ruin her image.

    Police in Vancouver, Canada, Jepsen’s hometown, also inadvertently confirmed the photos were Jepsen’s. They revealed today (July 25) that they have already zeroed in on a suspect in their investigation of “electronic property belonging to Jepsen.”

    Turns out the singer’s reps filed a police report in March, reporting the theft.

    Screen captures from the sex tape show a woman in her underwear with the same style and haircut as Jepsen. Katy Perry’s song E.T. was playing in the background, suggesting the tape is recent.

    Bieber has said repeatedly he doesn’t believe in having sex until a person is sure they are in love. Wonder how he feels about sex tapes?