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  • Kim Kardashian is about to launch another career as a singer. She showed off her new single at Las Vegas club Tao, during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

    She’s getting plenty of help.

    The track, written by veteran songwriter The-Dream, is a bass thumping dance tune entitled “Turn it Up.”

    “Hi you guys, I didn’t mean to, but I did this song with The-Dream, and it’s really fun. I hope you guys like it!” she said by way of an into.

    Kim surprised fans last week when she appeared in public with her long locks in tightly braided cornrows. The do was for her first music video, which will feature the song.

    Kim posted several screen grabs from the video on twitter.

    In one photo, She wears a cutaway silver swimsuit and a white fur coat, and gives the camera a come hither look.

    Kim tweeted: “Rockin’ my Bo Derek braids!”

    Kim also posted another screen grab from the video which showed her wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses, red lipstick and red-tinged hair.

    “I know u c me on the video…TRUE! I know you’ll hear me on the radio…” she Tweeted.

    Kanye West was also seen at the closed set for the video shoot, sparking rumors the singer will have a cameo role in the video, which famed director Hype Williams is producing.

    Kim and Kanye have been spotted together on several occasions, but have denied anything romantic.

    Check out Kim’s “Turn It Up” performance at Tao below: