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    Miley Cyrus shows off some of her signature moves for Converse activewear. (Photo: Converse)

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    Miley Cyrus is making inroads in fashion with her latest campaign for Converse activewear. The brand, best known for sneakers, has been branching out. It’s enlisted Miley’s devilish deliciousness to show off its latest lines.

    Cyrus is yesteryear’s bad girl. She underwent an image overhaul last year, peeled away the raunch and revealed a more glamorous, more refined self.

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    She adopted a bunch of worthy social causes and capped off the year by becoming a married woman. Yet, she still hasn’t given up the insouciance that made her a star.

    Apparently the brand liked everything about the songstress. The label touted her “multiplicity,” noting that “she’s an artist, activist, a provocateur with a distinct point of view on the world.”

    The collection, dubbed “Converse x Miley Cyrus,” certainly has her unique sense of style written all over it.

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    The new collection features shiny velour fabrics along with platform sneakers, velvet shoes and tracksuits. Added to that are glittery bodysuits and an animal-free puffy jacket made from satin.

    “’Converse x Miley Cyrus’ is a celebration of individuality and fearlessness to stand out in the crowd,” it said in a statement.

    “This bold and confident collection allows fans to piece together the head-to-toe kit that works with their unique style.”

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    This is the singer’s third outing with a line. Last May, she debuted a 38-piece gender neutral collection, featuring some of her own hand-drawn designs.

    The brand followed up in June with a second collection—featuring rainbow platform sneakers and bright designs by Cyrus herself to celebrate Gay Pride Month.

    And to think, a mere five years ago, Miley Cyrus turned the world upside down on the MTV Video Music Awards.

    She performed a sizzling “songs of the summer” medley that included her own tune “We Can’t Stop” and Robin Thicke’s blisteringly sexual “Blurred Lines.”

    Back then, Miley was into flesh-colored bikinis, the skimpiest of outfits and some major twerking.

    She mimicked the girls in Thicke’s un-rated video for the song and made some seriously dirrrty dance moves.

    Check out her hot photos. Yes, she’s still got it.