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    Singer Halsey is flanked by Subrata De (left) and Dr. Tamer Seckin and Dr. Sandra Gelbard (right) at the 9th Blossom Ball in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images)

    Grammy-nominated singer Halsey knows first hand about the pain caused by endometriosis. She went public about her battle with the condition last year and was honored this year at the 9th Blossom Ball in support of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound) in New York City.

    Lone Hummelshøj, Editor in Chief of Endometriosis.org, Secretary-General of the World Endo Society and Chief Executive of the World Endometriosis Research Foundation, was also honored at the event, which marked Endometriosis Awareness Month.

    “Finding out that I had endo was the most bittersweet moment because it meant I wasn’t crazy!” Halsey wrote on Twitter last year. “I wasn’t a ‘baby!’ I had every right to be feeling like the world was caving in. But it was terrifying to find out.”

    Like other female reproductive disorders, endometriosis is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, according to Teen Vogue. “It’s incredibly common for doctors to assume women are just being ‘babies’ about run-of-the-mill menstrual cramps,” Halsey wrote.

    About one in 10 women suffer from the affliction, according to the foundation. The condition occurs when tissue that typically lines the inside of a uterus starts growing outside the uterus, causing pain, cysts and other problems.

    EndoFound aids and empowers women with endometriosis across the nation. It supports a multi-tiered approach from educating schoolteachers, to funding endometriosis research and facilitating expert surgical training.

    The Blossom Ball was led by Founder Tamer Seckin, M.D. and co-chaired by Subrata De and Sandra Gelbard, M.D. The event raised funds for EndoFound and treated guests to a cocktail reception, seated dinner and auction, followed by entertainment and dancing. Guests had the opportunity to make donations through text messages.

    Among attendees were Honorary Committee member Kari Klinkenborg, ABC News Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo, Alice Panikian (former Miss Canada), Alaia Baldwin Aronow and Andrew Aronow, Alex Marquardt, Danielle Guizio, former Governor David Paterson, G-Eazy, Mozhan Marnò, Meredith O’Connor, Molly Qerim, Jean Shafiroff and Carli Blau.

    The Resistance Revival Chorus, which backed Kesha at this year’s Grammy Awards, performed.

    The Ball was hosted at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City on Monday, March 19th, 2018.

    For more information on the foundation visit EndoFound online.

    Blossom Ball for EndoFound (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
    blossomball-06-David Patterson Thumbblossomball-05-Danielle Guizio Thumbblossomball-04-Carli-Blau Thumbblossomball-12-Dr. Kari Goldstein Thumbblossomball-11-Alex Marquardt Thumbblossomball-10-Alaia-Baldwin-Andrew-Aronow Thumbblossomball-09-Dr. Tamer Seckin Thumbblossomball-08-Dr. Tamer Seckin Thumbblossomball-07-Dr. Sandra Gelbard Thumbblossomball-18-Paula _Moist_ Henderson Thumbblossomball-16-Molly Qerim Thumbblossomball-16-Molly Qerim Thumbblossomball-15-Meredith O'Connor Thumbblossomball-14-Mara Schiavocampo Thumb blossomball-13-Jean-Shafiroff Thumbblossomball-23-Resistance Revival Chorus Founders, Paola Mendoza, Jessi Olsen, Meah Pace, Ginny Suss Thumbblossomball-21-Atmosphere Thumbblossomball-21-Atmosphere Thumbblossomball-20-Subrata De, Halsey, Dr. Tamer Seckin, Dr. Sandra Gelbard Thumbblossomball-19-Subrata De Thumb

    Today I braved multiple terrifying surgeries. The most important of which being the surgery that would hopefully treat my endometriosis. For those of you who have followed this battle of mine or who may suffer with it yourself, you know the extremes to which it can be mentally exhausting and physically painful. OK HONESTLY I'm in total agony right now 😜😜😜 (and I'm going to be in excruciating pain for a while cause I had quite the cocktail of procedures today). But in my recovery I am thinking of all of you and how you give me the strength and stamina to power through and prosper. If you suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating disease please know that I have found time to live a crazy, wild, rewarding life AND balance my treatment and I hope so much in my heart that you can too. I'm gonna be off the map for a few days but please know even if I'm not on social media I am thinking of you. #endowarrior #endometriosis 💛💛💛💛💛💛

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