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  • Jay-Z and Kanye West reprised their hit “N—-s in Paris,” from their Watch the Throne tour with a video made up of concert footage. It’s so loaded with kaleidoscopic effects and strobe lights it carries an epilepsy warning.

    The duo dropped the four-minute video on Vevo.com today (Feb. 9). West handled the direction and a run of live shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was used to generate the footage. Fans at the concerts had to watch them perform the song 10 times in a row.

    The video includes a montage of scenes, from the hip-hopping crowd to dancing models, Paris street scenes, inlcuding the Cathedral of Notre Dame and even a puma takes the stage. It’s all overlaid with strobe effects.

    In the middle of the video, the scene cuts to a short clip of Will Ferrell from a scene in his movie “Blades of Glory.” “No one knows what it means,” says Ferrell in response to a line in the rap. But it’s provocative.

    Both rappers have been nominated for Grammys this year. West has seven nominations for his single “All Of The Lights” and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Both stars are nominated for Watch The Throne and “Otis,” a track off the album.

    Check out the video below: