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  • diddyHe’s got the mouth for it and “American Idol” has the cash, Sean “Diddy Combs says that makes the deal perfect for him to replace Simon Cowell on the hit Fox music show.

    All this time, Diddy says he has been low-keying his desire for the job. But now he’s begging for it.

    Money talks, and now that Diddy knows how much Cowell makes from the show, he’s going all out to land the spot.

    Cowell’s contract on Idol expires this month and producers have been searching for someone to fill his soon-to-be-vacant chair on the panel.

    The show’s final episode is next week when either Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze will be named the next American Idol.

    “I have been fronting all this time, trying to act like I don’t want that spot. (But) I spoke to Simon’s business manager, and I found out how much that boy makes a week.

    “I am praying right now to Am erican Idol,” Diddy told MTV.com

    “I want everybody to get on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and say that Diddy should get the Simon spot – but for the same amount of money that Simon was getting, else it’s a deal-breaker.”

    Whoo, hoo.. he’s also got the balls for the job. Hmm… maybe Idol could use a pimp like Diddy.

    Cowell sharp put downs and acerbic comments have been a hallmark of the show, which is just as much about seeing contestants humiliated on stage as it is about finding musical talent.

    In that regard he’ll be hard to replace.

    The show lost some of its charm when Paula Abdul left, and ratings this season haven’t been quite as strong. The talent pool was also weak.

    Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was brought in to replace Paula, but she’s been a weak presence on the panel.

    Outside of Randy Jackson, the judge’s panel lacks any real characters.

    To maintain the show’s credibility, Cowell’s replacement should be someone with solid music industry experience, according to critics.

    Diddy fills that bill. Pay him the dough, and he says he’ll do the job.

    “I’m tired of being cool: That number that Simon was getting a week is ridiculous. I can’t even be cool with that.

    “Please, can I have the job, whoever’s in charge of giving that job? There’s no negotiating the contract. Just change the name on the check, and I’ll be there.”

    A number of names have been bandied about for the slot, including industry veteran Joel Diamond, but so far producers have not narrrowed down a short list.

    Maybe the judges should try out for the spot, and let the contestants humiliate them.