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  • Nicki Minaj say she's through dissing herself. (Photo:

    Nicki Minaj say she’s through dissing herself. (Photo: Philip Nelson)

    Nicki Minaj says in a new interview she’s through with self-doubt and self-judgment and into taking pride in her work. “No more self-judgment,” she tells Complex magazine.

    “I’m not judging myself; I’m not dissing what I do. I’m proud of what I’ve done and I’m proud of what I’m working on,” she adds.

    Critics, however, believe Nicki has some explaining to do because of her raucous, sexually charged music and videos. She created an uproar over her latest video for her song “Only,” witch played off of Nazi imagery.

    Nicki apologized, even though her producer, who is Jewish, refused.

    Minaj has also taken some heat from purists because of her constant re-invention.

    The article details a number of her personas: “Mixtape Nicki,” “Pop Nicki,” “Diva Nicki,” “Theatrical Nicki,” “Fashion Nicki,” “Alter Ego Nicki a.k.a. Roman.”

    With each change she’s also changed her look, from a heavily costumed dress to, now, a more natural look.

    “I’ve never stopped rapping; I’ve never stopped doing freestyles; I’ve never stopped doing remixes and features; I’ve never stopped raising the bar lyrically,” she says.

    “I understand and respect people’s opinions when they hear me do certain things and say she’s “going back,” but I haven’t gone back, I’ve moved forward. I’ve always been evolving.”

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