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  • Renee Olstead had some free time on her hands on break from “Secret Life Of An American Teenager” and decided to get freaky with some snakes and an apple in a photo shoot with Sammi Doll and stylist Emily Hunter. She gives new meaning to the Biblical Eve.

    Olstead, 22, wrote on her blog that she has been super busy with her music as well as other projects.

    She’s photographed with what apparently are her pets, Beetleguese the Boa and Lydia the California King Snake.

    “Have you guys ever held a snake?” she asks.

    Olsead also says she is a “devout vegetarian, pit-bull mommy and proud owner of a very bad-ass ’65 Chevelle Malibu SS named ‘Lolita.'”

    Check out Renee’s photos; click to enlarge.

    She also has the coolest taste in music of any 22-year-old that ever lived.

    She features songs on her blog by The Chantels (“Maybe,” 1958), The Ronettes (“Be My Baby”), The Flamingos (“I Only Have Eyes for You”) and Prince (“Little Red Corvette”).

    Olstead released her own album of jazz songs and pop standards on Warner Bros. when she was only 15.

    Her singing style has been likened to great jazz vocalists Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

    Her latest album, Skylark, was released in 2009.

    She’s currently co-starring in the ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” about fifteen year old Amy Juergens’s struggle through her unexpected pregnancy.

    Olstead plays Madison Cooperstein, who is one of Amy’s best friends.