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  • Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran collaborate on a new video for her song 'Everything Has Changed.'

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran collaborate on a new video for her song ‘Everything Has Changed.’

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go back to a simpler time in their new video for Swift’s song “Everything Has Changed” off her latest Red album. They unveiled the clip after last night’s 2013 CMT Music Awards.

    It’s a tribute to the innocence of youth and the indelible bonds of friendship that form between children during a time in life when sandcastles and rainbows are all that matter.

    Neither Swift nor Sheeran appear in the video until the very end. And, it’s a surprise when they do. Instead, the scenes are acted out by a blonde curly-locked girl and a sandy-haired boy, who go though the paces of a typical elementary school day.

    They ride the bus together, make cookies, watch grainy black-and-white films about history and hit the playground. They also act in the school play and act crazy in the school band He serenades her with a guitar and the two slow dance alone in the gym.

    Not exactly how most people would remember elementary school, maybe, but as flights of fancy go, this one is endearing. But, hey, what’s with the fake tattoos? Where did that come from? Oh… Ed’s famously tattooed arms.

    Taylor and Ed are close friends and it showed at the CMT Awards. The video ends (spoiler alert!) when Taylor and Ed show up after school as parents to the respective kids. They get big hugs, give each other a knowing glance and head home, ready for another day.

    Sheeran is opening for Swift on her Red Tour. The North American leg ends in Nashville Sept 21. Then Swift heads to Australia and New Zealand for stops through the end of the year.