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  • Katy Perry leaves behind the camp for her latest video for her song 'Unconditionally.'

    Katy Perry leaves behind the camp for her latest video for her song ‘Unconditionally.’

    Katy Perry rolled out the special effects and sky-high production value to create her latest video for her song “Unconditionally.” At times, signing the pop power ballad, she looks like she’s in a arthouse movie. Is she angling for a movie career?

    A move into movies at this stage in her career makes perfect sense for the “I Kissed A Girl” singer.

    Perry, 29, has the looks, the glam and the charisma to light up the big screen. She may have gotten the bug filming her documentary, “Katy Perry: Part of Me.” She looked good on the big screen then, and she could easily power her own movie now.

    Her videos have always been major productions. her last one, released in September, for her song “Roar” was also a major production featuring Katy as a passenger stranded in a jungle after a plane crash. She adapts to her new environment through sheer strength of will to become a queen of the jungle.

    Her latest video is more conceptual and involves more sophisticated special effects. It focuses on a surreal world of baroque luxury where beautiful couples waltz in unison. Katy ditches the camp, which has always infused her previous efforts… well most of it.

    The video includes a scene where Katy is in the desert and gets slammed by a conceptualized range rover. She told MTV she wanted the scene because falling in love “unconditionally” (get it?) feels the same way.

    The video is all about imagery, really over-the-top imagery, and Katy may overdo it a bit with some cliched scenes like those filmed under water. But on the whole it sends a clear message… make me a movie star!

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