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  • Madonna puts her god complex on display in her new video for her Super Bowl song “Give Me All Your Luvin.” She blows though a door in a cloud of mist and relegates Nicki Minaj to an extra. How’s that for power.

    Madonna, 53, who will provide half-time entertainment for the game’s huge audience, goes with a sports theme in the video. There’s Nicki–briefly–as one of the cheerleaders as the video opens.

    The Material Girl busts her way out of her house, wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, pushing a baby carriage. It’s hard to fathom the symbolism in that. But she loses the carriage and the trench coat soon enough.

    The scene is definitely suburban and the football team runs interference for her through life’s little hassles, like rain, mud puddles and a taxi. Wait… a taxi in the suburbs? Good Luck finding one.

    Madonna splits the taxi like Moses parting the Red Sea. Toward the end of the one-minute sneak peek, which aired on American Idol last night (Feb. 2), Madonna does some pretty nifty shots with the football team.

    Expectations are high that Madonna will put on a show for the Super Bowl, because, well, she always has, and the last few shows have been pretty weak. The Black Eyed Peas played last year.

    At a press conference yesterday, Madonna kept details about the show under wraps, but she showed her mastery of promotion. Her new song goes on sale Friday ahead of Sunday’s game, and her film “W.E.” opens this week as well.

    “”I really don’t want to blow the surprises,” Madonna said. “I want people to be knocked off their feet.'”