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  • Gavin DeGraw is all about hustling women in bars in his latest music video for his song “Sweeter.” In this case, though, the hustle may be worth it.

    Starring opposite him is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton. Sweet!

    DeGraw shot to fame when one of his songs was picked as a theme on the WB drama series “One Tree Hill.” The show has featured several of his tunes since then.

    The latest song is his second single off Sweeter his the fourth studio album released last September. In the video, the 35-year-old finds his way to a bar where a pretty blonde (Morton) is having a row with her boyfriend.

    Check out Genvieve’s photos; click to enlarge.

    The scene is a bit ironic because DeGraw was beaten up outside a Manhattan bar last August after getting into a row with several dudes.

    Fortunately, he fares a little better in the video. He gets the girl, and they speed off in her Mini-Cooper. They end up at a seedy motel, rolling around on a bed while Morton, 26, ends up blindfolded in black lingerie.

    “You want something that’s kind of sexy, but as a man, you don’t want it to be like wimpy-sexy,” he told CBS News, explaining the video. “You want it to be tough-sexy. I’m trying to find that fine line.”

    The singer never takes off his signature porkpie hat.

    DeGraw revealed at the Grammy Awards in February that he is doing turn on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” an odd move given he can’t dance and the show is usually reserved for celebrities looking to make a come back. But he’s got saucy Karina Smirnoff to show him the ropes.

    Check out his video below.