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  • The Wanted, the UK boy band that hit U.S. shores last month, have followed up with a new music video for single “Chasing the Sun.” The boys go right for the pulse of pop culture, mixing their music with a play on “Twilight” vampires.

    They band made its U.S. debut in March on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Jay Leno’s Tonight show, and earned a shoutout from teen sensation Justin Bieber.

    The boys, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes, have released two albums in the UK The Wanted (2010) and Battleground (2011).

    If there’s an overriding theme in the video, it’s be careful what you wish for. The lads head out of a night at a club, which seems a little far fetched because they are all under age. But in Los Angeles, anything goes, so it kind of maintains its credibility.

    Then again, the drinking age in England is only 18, so the boys are right at home, even if the video was shot in LA. In any event they meet some very hot women, and afterward the discover they have sunburst tattoos.

    The tattoos get time into an exclusive private party where they encounter the women, again. And yikes, they turn out to be vampires, who put the bite on the boys.

    The tune is basically manufactured pop with a catchy dance beat obviously tailored for club kids and teen basement parties. “Our song ‘Chasing the Sun’ is basically about the party that keeps on going,” Jay told MTV.

    Of note is the band’s style. It’s definitely darker and edgier than UK boy band rival. One Direction, a product of Simon Cowell’s UK music show “X Factor.”

    Music entrepreneur Jayne Collins, who put together bands The Saturdays and Parade, created The Wanted through massive auditions.

    Check out their video below.