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  • Madonna cut short a special performance in Paris last night (July 26) and was roundly booed and hooted by the audience made up mostly by her most ardent French fans. Sacré Bleu!

    The show was meant to be an intimate peformance in the l’Olympia club, a 2,700 seat venue. On her current tour the Material Girl, 53, has been playing to large arenas.

    Tickets were initially sold exclusive to members of her fan club, so you know audience was eager for a show. But Madonna showed up around 10:15pm and left the stage at 11pm, according to MTV. That led to cries of “refund.”

    Fans were so irked they swamped a live stream of the show on YouTube with more than 12,000 dislikes, forcing the video site to disable the comments, the Associated Press reported.

    Fans reportedly waited for hours outside the club and some slept in the street overnight to get a good view of the stage. After the show, some returned to the street to protest.

    As if the curtailed show wasn’t bad enough, Madonna spent 10 minutes lecturing the audience on tolerance and trying to explain the imagery in her show that portrayed conservative political leader Marine Le Pen with a Swastika on her forehead.

    One French fan seemed to sum up the evening with a Twitter post: “280? for a seat + 10 minutes of a speech + 40 minutes of a show + 2 days of camping in front of the #Olympia = #Madonna #MDNA #Paris #thatsucks.”

    Check out the full show below: