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  • Jennifer Hudson puts all of her assets to work –singing, dancing and displaying her acting chops– in her new video for her single “No One Gonna Love You.” And, she leaves no doubt that she’s a triple threat entertainer.

    The Diane Martel-directed video opens with a bedroom scene to give Hudson, in lacy lingerie, a little screen time to show off her killer body.

    After all, she’s lost 80 pounds from her “American Idol” days, and has a book in the works.

    But all is not well. Her seemingly dead-beat man shrugs off their anniversary, and you know that’s not going to play well.

    “You’re gonna be on time tonight?” she asks, dejectedly.

    Hudson puts her body to work on the dance floor with some slinky, smooth moves on a minimal set with two other dancers. Jen doesn’t miss a beat.

    In the end, her lout of a boyfriend tries to make up with cheesy heart balloons, but it’s all a ploy.

    He was hip to the day from the beginning and surprises her with a diamond ring.

    The video is smoothly produced, but viewer beware, it’s junked up with product placements from L’Oreal, BMW, Nike and LG, the mobile phone maker– as if she’d actually tote that brand.